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Business Insurance

General Liability Insurance Maine
General Liability Insurance

Businesses across industries face certain common liability risks, and the risks can be crippling even though they’re basic. General liability insurance can help protect Maine businesses

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Commercial Property Insurance Maine
Commercial Property Insurance

Maine businesses often make substantial investments in their buildings, equipment, inventory and other assets. Commercial property insurance can help protect those assets against damage

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Workers Compensation Insurance Maine
Workers Compensation

Hiring employees presents several risks, one of the most notable of which is the risk of job-related injuries. Should employees be hurt while working, workers compensation insurance may help protect Maine businesses from any resulting claims.

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Additional Protection Available

Commercial Auto Insurance Maine
Commercial Auto Insurance

Maine businesses that have commercial vehicles generally have to insure those vehicles with commercial auto insurance. Policies are available for cars, vans, trucks and other vehicles,

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Contractor Insurance Maine
Contractor Insurance

Maine businesses that are in construction or the trades face multiple property and liability risks, ranging from equipment damage to devastating injuries. Contractor insurance can help these businesses protect themselves

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Professional Liability Insurance Maine
Professional Liability

Working in a professional capacity comes with a common risk, for professionals may be held financially liable if their error causes a client harm. Purchasing professional liability insurance

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Group Disability Insurance

Allen/Freeman/McDonnell Insurance Agency is Maine’s go-to agency for ensuring that you get the proper
whole life insurance coverage in
place for you and your

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Group Health Insurance

With something so important to your employee’s well being, it is crucial to find the right assistance. You shouldn’t have to waste your time doing all of your independent research and shopping around – that’s why were are here for you.

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Group Life Insurance

With something so important to your employee’s well being, it is crucial to find the right assistance. You shouldn’t have to waste your time doing all of your independent research and shopping around – that’s why were are here for you.

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Commercial Truck Insurance

Running a trucking company can be a profitable endeavor, but this type of business requires a sizeable capital investment and comes with substantial risk. From accidents to vandalism, companies need to protect themselves against liability, property and other potential perils.

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What is business insurance?

All businesses require substantial investments, and those investments are exposed to various risks. Purchasing business insurance is one way that Maine businesses can protect themselves and their investments from many of the risks they face.

There isn’t one type of “business insurance,” but the term is rather used colloquially to distinguish these policies from those that individuals would purchase. There are both similar and dissimilar policies for businesses and individuals, the latter being referred to as “personal insurance.”

What Maine businesses need commercial insurance in place?

Businesses in Maine rarely face the same exact risks, but virtually all businesses face at least some risks. For this reason, most businesses in the state ought to consider what commercial insurance policies could help them.

Additionally, local governments, government agencies and nonprofit organizations likewise probably can benefit from some of these policies.

What commercial insurance policies are available to businesses and nonprofits?

Businesses, governments and nonprofits have access to a wide array of commercial insurance options. Depending on their particular situation, businesses may want one or more of the following policies:

Many businesses elect to purchase a package policy that contains these and/or other coverages. Package policies tailored for contractors, landscapers, restaurants and more are readily available.

What types of package policies are available to businesses that need insurance?

The package policies that insurance companies offer most often come as business owners policies and commercial package policies:

  • Business Owners Policies: BOPs are usually purchased by small businesses that have only limited risk mitigation needs.
  • Commercial Package Policies: CPPs are usually purchased by larger businesses that need more protection, or businesses that have specialized needs

An insurance agent who knows commercial policies well can help businesses determine which of these package policy options is best for them.

How much are commercial policies?

Because they vary greatly in the protections that are offered, commercial policies also vary a lot in how much they cost. Premiums for some policies are quite affordable, while other policies can cost a fair bit.

An independent insurance agent can help businesses find out how much the policies that they need will cost, by requesting customized quotes from several insurers. The agent is free to compare quotes from different insurers with business owners, and they can help determine which policies provide the necessary coverages at the most affordable prices.

How can Maine businesses get quotes for business insurance?

For help exploring business insurance options that could help your Maine business, contact the independent insurance agents at Allen/Freeman/McDonnell Agency. Our agents can assist with a wide variety of commercial insurance policies, and we’ll make sure you find policies that will protect your business well.

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